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Keep your sidewalks, streets, bridges or runways free of ice and snow. our triple.s surface temperature control.


The triple.s surface temperature regulation system uses our technical innovation for the heating and cooling of traffic areas and railway platform systems. As with all our systems, geothermal energy is used as a free energy source. With the combination of triple.s technology and geothermal energy as an energy source we manage to achieve a synergistic linkage between the economy and ecology – which are usually seen to be in conflict.

Whether footpaths, roads, bridges or runways, our triple.s surface temperature regulation also brings safety and comfort to areas that are difficult to provide with energy and heating. You achieve optimal conditions day and night, all year round, and in all weather conditions – and what is of greater importance, you can also guarantee them!

Other smart applications are roof area temperature regulation systems and the cooling and heating of logistics buildings. They build the bridge to architecture and underline the diversity of the possible applications of triple.s surface temperature regulation.

If, alongside aspects such as safety, reliability and the ability to guarantee optimal conditions, economic efficiency is also considered, the decision in favour of triple.s surface temperature regulation is even more sound. The costs for operational failures, for winter service, for damage through winter and winter services, or for insurance premiums can quickly become incalculable depending on the situation or the weather conditions.

Clearly, where there is no change from freeze to thaw there is no need for road salt, stone chippings, de-icers and standby for winter services. However, what is even more crucial is the fact that, alongside the operational savings, the service life of your structure is considerably prolonged. A comprehensive gain, therefore, for the entire life cycle!

With triple.s you manage the balancing act between economic efficiency, safety and sustainability. So with free geothermal energy why not also immediately achieve extensive sustainability from the environment through to operation of the facility? And that is without counting the enhancement of your image for your customers!

  • availability > 99.5 %
  • significant prolongation of the service life of the structure
  • no winter services necessary
  • significantly greater traffic safety
  • the risk of accident for the passengers is reduced
  • fewer minutes of delay in operations of rail service providers
  • lower premiums in the case of environmental and liability insurances
  • more efficient use of primary energy, large CO2 reduction
  • support of sustainability strategies through up to 70 % saving in CO2 (compared to conventional systems)

The triple.s technology is protected in various countries by patents and utility models.



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