With the triple.s railway point heating system we tap for you the heat source that is the most efficient in the particular case. For this purpose we study the relevant heat sources in their entirety with a view to their exploitation as well as their long-term availability.

  • Water: ground water, waste water, cooling water, rivers and lakes
  • Ground earth: surface-near earth, more deeply lying layers of earth
  • Air: outside air, exhaust air from buildings
  • Excess process heat


To make your complete investment even more efficient and sustainable, when planning the facility we examine whether any other facilities can be usefully integrated – for example, through the connection of infrastructure areas (railway platforms or car parks).
Planning with our long-standing system partners gives your facility the extra edge in terms of both energy and cost effectiveness! All in all you get a sustainable concept with considerable potential for savings, especially when the costs for winter services are borne in mind.


To achieve a clear and rational basis of decision-making for you, we provide you with our economic feasibility studies. In this way, costs, savings potential, profitability, economic feasibility and sustainability all come under the microscope.


In the system construction stage, the individual components to be incorporated in the heat source, heat exchanger and heat pump system unit areas are precisely coordinated with one another.
The combination of our intelligent triple.s control technology and the specially developed triple.s software enables the facility to be highly individualised and finely adjusted to your operational needs and rules and standards.


Smooth energy management for maximum energy efficiency! The services of triple.s are tailored to the needs of our customers so that they can concentrate fully on their core business.
Triple.s commits itself to CO2-saving energy generation and the resource-conserving use of all forms of energy, in order to sustainably reduce the burden on the environment.