RZD AG, Russian Railways | Saint Petersburg railway station | 2011

project_tripleS1 project_tripleS2


Upgrading measures in the Saint Petersburg railway station.  New installation of two railway point heating systems, triple.s 2.0 system, with the new generation of triple.s heat exchangers.



Ground earth, tapped via 10 energy cages.



Planning services, project management, construction management, authorisation procedures and approval procedures. Construction preparation costs for tapping of the heat source and for heat source design.  Complete setting up of building site and earthworks.  Manufacture of heat exchangers and point lock heaters.  Constructional track superstructure activities.



Development of a completely new heat exchanger for the R65 rail profile; involvement  of a technical installation company; coordination of a Russian earthwork and civil engineering company;  supervision of the facility by remote inquiry from Germany.

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