DB RegioNetz Infrastruktur I Sulzbach am Inn railway station | 2011



As part of the upgrading measures in the Sulzbach am Inn railway station, two triple.s railway point heating systems were newly installed.  The triple.s 2.0 system was installed with a new generation of heat exchangers.



Ground water, tapped via an extraction and absorbing well system.



Planning services, project management, construction management, authorisation procedures and approval procedures, calculation of the construction preparation costs for tapping of the heat source and for heat source design, complete setting up of building site and earthworks, manufacture of heat exchangers and point lock heaters, constructional track superstructure activities



The tongue rail heat exchangers had to be interrupted because of construction obstacles, for which a hydraulic and constructional solution could be found. Provision of the tongue rail heat heat exchangers with the warm fluid via the looping in of stock rail heat exchangers.


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