DB Netz AG, Niederlassung Süd | Bahnhof Vilseck | 2009

Bf Vilseck W21Bf Vilseck W17


Complete new installation of 7 point heating systems at existing points in the Vilseck railway station.



Ground earth, tapped via depth probes and energy cages.



Planning services, project management, construction management, authorisation procedures and approval procedures. Construction preparation costs for tapping of the heat source and heat source design. Complete setting up of building site and earthworks. Manufacture of heat exchangers and point lock heaters. Constructional track superstructure activities.



In spite of an expert opinion presented by the ordering party, no ground water was found during construction preparation.   As an alternative heat source, triple.s planned and tapped the ground earth with depth probes and energy cages.   The facility was erected for a trial operation of 2 years.  At the request of the ordering party the local area heating pipeline was laid in a cable duct with 5 track underpasses.

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