About us

TripleS-Systeme GmbH is a system provider for special geothermal applications. We develop, plan and build innovative and energetically mature railway point heating, surface heating and modular railway platform systems, combining smart technology with product innovation and sustainability.

As a general contractor, our spectrum of services ranges from the feasibility study for a project through to the role of the operator. Together with our interdisciplinary partner network you therefore receive exceptional competency and safety with respect to technology and design as well as for operations.

Our core competency is the patented triple.s point heating system for railways and other fixed guideway transport systems. The system uses geothermal energy as an energy source, which is available free day and night, 365 days a year. This energy can be recovered from the ground earth, from ground water, and also from waste water and industrial residual heat in inner city and industrial areas.
The triple.s point heating system has unrestricted DB approval, is compatible with „all“ common rail profiles and radii, and can always be suitably optimised energetically using the finite element method.

Our other competencies include the triple.s geothermal surface temperature regulation, that is, the cooling and heating of traffic areas and railway platform systems. The surface temperature regulation of footpaths, roads, bridges and runways also brings safety and comfort to areas that are often difficult to provide with energy and heating. In this way, optimal conditions can be created and guaranteed over the whole year and in all conceivable weather conditions. Other applications include roof area temperature regulation systems and the cooling and heating of logistics buildings. They build the bridge to architecture and underline the diversity of the possible applications of the triple.s surface temperature regulation.

Our triple.s railway platform systems “Umsteiger Plus 2000” and „Umsteiger Plus 2000 Light“ get to the heart of the topic of railway platforms. They comply with all relevant regulations and combine several functional and economic qualities through their intelligent modular design. In comparison you need only half of the construction time, and during construction there are only minor disruptions to railway operations – that is, there is no need for replacement bus services or speed-reduced stretches.


// Safety and cost-effectiveness

With the triple.s system and the use of geothermal energy sources you achieve an exceptionally high availability of more than 99.5 % and simultaneously the drastic reduction of operating and energy costs.  In this way, the life cycle costs (LCC) of your facility remain extremely low.  Through the CO2 saving you benefit from a further positive side effect in comparison to traditional systems.  You can have the saving certified and profit from this in certificate trading.


// Approval & awards

The triple.s railway point heating system has unrestricted DB approval. Alongside technical approval by Deutsche Bahn AG, we have been DB QM certified since 2013.

For a sustainable reduction of the burden on our environment, we attach the greatest importance to CO2-saving energy generation. With the triple.s system you achieve an incredible reduction of your energy consumption of up to 60 %. The sum of all our innovations earned us the Kumas award in 2011.